Current Project: Blain and Colin's 250Km Run Across The Atacama Desert  

Blain and Colin are running a 250km self supported ultra marathon race through the driest
and highest desert in the world in support of The Jack Davis HOPE foundation. 
The boys leave for Chile Sept. 30th and start racing Oct. 5. All donations go towards helping families coping
with the financial expenses associated with the care of their ill children. Check out the rest if the website
for more information.  

The Jack Davis HOPE Foundation is a registered charity with the CRA and is able to give you tax donations!



Your donation allows us to connect with families in need and help them out in any way that we can. We run projects and fundraisers throughout the year, and you can make a difference at anytime with a donation.

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Contact us and see how else you can help. Find out details about upcoming fundraisers, projects, and join onto the team.

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Please note that tax receipts for all 2017 donations will be sent out in early 2018. Thank you for your generous donations!